Spirited Wanderer: Iceland by Jessica Ballerstein

To be completely forward, Iceland is hands down my favorite travel destination so far. I have visited a handful of cities, towns, and countries. Nothing has been compared to how I feel about Iceland. As I'm writing this I feel sadness and joy simultaneously. Sadness that I'm not there and joy cause I was able to collect many memories. I have traveled to Iceland on two different occasions and it still doesn't cease to amaze me. By the end of this blog hopefully, you'll sorta understand why. 

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The Spirited Wanderer: San Diego by Jessica Ballerstein

As many may know I love to travel. It's literally (other than God, my family etc.) my favorite thing in the world. I travel for many reasons. Those you may not know me would probably think I travel for the sake of social media. For those people, they are half right, and I'll tell you why further on. 

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