Two Day Stay in Morocco by Jessica Ballerstein

The last place we went on our 10 day adventure was Morocco! We felt it was a great way to close our Middle East adventure. Since we were traveling from Egypt airfare was inexpensive. Knowing what we knew about Morocco it would be amiss if we didn’t visit the culturally rich country!

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Spirited Wanderer: Seattle, WA by Jessica Ballerstein

Like most people I have a bucket list of places I would like to visit. Most of my potential travel destinations are international due to my curiosity of other nations & cultures. Of course, there are many unique cities in America but it never crossed my mind to go to Washington. My friend Dash and I decided to plan a girls trip around my birthday. We were both pretty indecisive on where to go. Not because we were too picky, its because we weren't picky. The conversation went like this...

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