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Two Day Stay in Morocco by Jessica Ballerstein

The last place we went on our 10 day adventure was Morocco! We felt it was a great way to close our Middle East adventure. Since we were traveling from Egypt airfare was inexpensive. Knowing what we knew about Morocco it would be amiss if we didn’t visit the culturally rich country!

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The Best of Egypt by Jessica Ballerstein

Since I came back from Egypt, several friends and family asked "What made you wanna got to Egypt? That's so random!" Which at first made me think really? Random? Who doesn't think of Egypt as a go-to? After sitting on those comments, it made me realize Egypt isn't such a popular hotspot! Well, it should! Egypt was like…

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Spirited Wanderer: Ireland by Jessica Ballerstein

Ireland wasn't at the top of my list of places I wanted to visit. My boyfriend however really wanted to visit based on the things he's heard about Ireland. Such as the cliffs, the landscapes, the pubs and of course the Guinness. None of those things really sold me the idea of Ireland until I got an email about an all-inclusive week tour in Ireland discounted from $900 to about $500 per person. From that moment, Ireland really didn't sound too bad. 

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Spirited Wanderer: Havana, Cuba by Jessica Ballerstein

Hey there! You missed me, and I've missed you too! Gifting you with a blog post, Merry Christmas!

A LOT and I mean A LOT has happened these past couples of months! By the grace of God (or whatever the higher power you believe in) 2017 have been full of excitement and changes! Hence why I've kinda left ya'll hanging. I can dive into what's been going on since the spring of 2017 but it would be too much to write about in one blog post!  In summary, I traveled, got engaged, and went back to school. The End. see ya'll in 2018! 

Just kidding! I have many stories and experiences to share! I'll try and catch you all up before we say adios to 2017! Let's start with Cuba!

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Spirited Wanderer: Miami by Jessica Ballerstein

For those who know me fairly well, I love the beach! Especially a warm and clean beach. Now, of course, the tropical countries are known for those necessities of mine. However, if you want the taste of the tropics without dealing with passport issues, and/or paying tropic money. Miami is definitely the place to go....

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