Two Day Stay in Morocco / by Jessica Ballerstein

The last place JoJo and I went on our 10-day adventure was Morocco! We felt it was a great way to close our Middle East adventure. Since we were traveling from Egypt airfare was inexpensive. Knowing what we knew about Morocco, it would be amiss if we didn’t visit the culturally rich country!


|Where to Stay|

I’m going to start by saying our Airbnb was one of the highlights of our trip. It was hands on the dopest Airbnb I’ve ever booked. Aside from being dope and aesthetically pleasing place it was a bargain!

The host was also friendly and informative. I HIGHLY recommend staying at this Airbnb; you will not regret it!

|What to Do|

For our first day in Morocco, we took the train from Casablanca to Marrakech. It was pretty easy the taxi ride was about 10 minutes from our Airbnb to the Casa Port train station. We purchased our tickets from the train station; we book first class since we wanted comfortable seating for the 3-hour train ride.


Once we arrived in Marrakech, we were able to get a taxi from the station to Marrakech square. The square was wild, to say the least! If you look to the right, you'll see different shops and boutiques. If you look to the left, you'll see snake charmers and monkeys. We used the time to walk around, shop, and take in the Moroccan culture. However, after about an hour it started to get a bit overwhelming. The square was crowded, we kept dodging motorcyclist, solicitors steadily approaching us, and we had to negotiate everything! Of course, I still recommend everyone to go, but this was the reality of our time there.

Marrakech was all high energy, but if you want a more of a chill and low key area, I recommend staying in Casablanca. During our time there we explored the Old Medina and the Hassan II Mosque. The old Medina had these cute little shops with antiques as well as Moroccan collectibles. Since Morocco is known for its Argan oil, there were a lot of argan oil shops. There were also shops claiming to sell authentic argan oil, but it was a mixture of argan and olive. If you want pure Argan oil, I recommend visiting Nadift Argan. That was where I purchased all my Argan Oil products. I’ve been using their Argan hair mask, Hemp Argan Oil, and their clay face mask. I love each, and every one of their products and I plan on buying more! The hair mask has done wonders for my hair! Seriously!

The Hassan II Mosque was breathtaking! Although I have visited different Mosques, Hassan II Mosque was unique in every way. The artwork and designs are beautifully well crafted. The doors were there biggest doors I’ve ever seen in my life; the architecture is like no other! I am blessed to have that experience, and I would absolutely go back again!

The last thing we did which is entirely optional was getting tattoos! For the past couple of years, I started to get tattoos in the places I’ve visited, leaving with another permanent memory. It’s a personal preference, but I loved the tattoos we ended up getting! The tattoo artist knew what she was doing, and it shows! Her name is IG handle is blackriver_ink if you’re interested.

Since our time was short, these were all of the things we did while there. Since I only got a taste of Morocco, I plan on going back sometime soon! The people were friendly, the food was great, and transportation was easy. Although I will say, you need to know how to bargain, so you don’t end up overpaying for things, taxi’s in particular. I would also recommend learning or brushing up on some French; it helped a lot when negotiating cost, ordering food, or asking directions. Truthfully with or without French, you’ll be fine, but it surely helps.

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