2 Day Itinerary in Dubai / by Jessica Ballerstein

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Recently, I went on the most memorable backpacking trip with one of my closest friends JoJo. We visited 3 countries in 10 days. Yes, you read that right. It was exhausting but worth it. When we initially planned the trip we wanted to originally do Egypt, but then we decided; if we’re going to be all the way out there we might as well visit other countries on our bucket list.


So, as a result, we decided to visit Dubai, Egypt, and Morocco, all in that order. Our stay in Dubai was short but definitely sweet! We stayed for about 2 and a half days, but we were efficient with the time we had. Here are all the things we recommend doing!

|Where to Stay|

Since it was a short trip, we decided to stay at a hostel in Dubai. We found the hostel through Airbnb, and the cost was more than reasonable. The hostel was easy to find, close to public transportation, clean, and the staff was terrific! I promise they are not paying me to say this! If you’re ever in Dubai and don’t care for a fancy schmancy hotel, I definitely recommend this place.

images from Airbnb

|Where To Eat|


When it came to breakfast, we stuck with a place called Eggspectation. They had an excellent menu, with lots of options for typical Americans like me who love their waffles and eggs.


As for lunch, our favorite place was Zaatar W Zeit. It is a Lebanese Resturant that was recommended to us by one of the staff from our hostel. (Side note: I always recommend asking locals where to eat otherwise spend time on google trying to figure that out). Zaatar W Zeit served healthy food options such as wraps, and salads. While also offering pizza, platters and other meal choices. I tried their Spizy Chicken wrap and went back for more! The servers there were also really friendly, I absolutely recommend checking it out.

|What To Do|

JBR Beach

After breakfast at Eggspectation hang around JBR beach! It was a great place to shop and chill after brunch. The Palm Jumeirah is also walking distance from JBR beach which leaves you with hours of exploring.


Dubai Mall

I’m not a huge shopper, but I couldn’t help visit Dubai Mall, it just wouldn’t be right. I am so glad I did! Truthfully, I felt fancy AF walking inside the mall. It’s not your typical Simon’s mall. Everything from the stores to the artwork was on the upper-class spectrum. The only thing I was able to afford there is the free lotion they provided in their fancy restrooms. I walked out of there with my pictures and my memories. In all seriousness though, going to Dubai Mall is a must do.

The Grand Sheikh Mosque

The Grand Sheikh Mosque is in Abu Dhabi, but we were able to squeeze the trip in. There are different ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. Such as taxis, tour, or catch a flight through Uberfly. (I kid you not, you can request a flight through Uber in Dubai). We decided to go with the most cost-effective route, which is the public transportation bus. The bus ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi was about two hours, and it was less than $20 per person, including the uber from the Abu Dhabi station to the Grand Sheikh Mosque. I am so glad we were able to take that journey. Seeing the wonder of the Grand Sheikh Mosque was breathtaking. The architecture, designs and overall energy was inexplicable. It’s one of those places you have to experience for yourself. Admission is free but if you’re a woman you have to be covered up. They provide a traditional abaya if you aren’t dressed according to their standards.

Quad Biking + Camel Riding

This was the most adventurous part of our time in Dubai! We booked the quad biking and camel riding excursion through Airbnb Experiences, and I would do it again and again and again…It is so much fun! At first, it was a bit intimidating learning how to navigate the quad bike, but once I got the hang of it, I was ripping through the sand! The tour leader was also fantastic, he was patient, gave us time to enjoy the tour, took our pictures and made the experience more enjoyable. Quad Biking and Camel Riding was definitely the highlight of our trip to Dubai.

Now that I’ve given you the low down where will you go when you’re in Dubai?!

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