Spirited Wanderer: Belize / by Jessica Ballerstein

Belize wasn’t on the top of our list when it came to a honeymoon destination, but with us being on a budget and wanting a place we can relax, after months of wedding planning Belize was the country of choice.



This was our first time in Belize and my first time in Central America. Out of the many budget friendly countries we researched, we went with Belize. The main reason? The rainforest! I’ve been in different biomes but haven’t been in a rainforest. Like, who wouldn’t want to be in a wild, snake infested, jaguar filled, tarantula having rainforest?

Okay remember how I mentioned we were on a budget cause we just spent a whole lotta money on our wedding? Yeah, so for Belize tickets we used our Chase points of our tickets. For each ticket it was about $700 round trip, direct flight. There were cheaper flights options available but it would have taken us half a day to get there with the layovers. We felt it wasn’t worth it, considering we only had a week to enjoy our getaway, we wanted to make the most out of it.


We booked our stay through Airbnb in San Pedro, Belize. In order to get there we had to take a water taxi which was about $40 round trip. Most of our plans were on the island so we didn’t use it much. Upon arrival, we were greeted by our host, who then took us to the cabana. The cabana was amazing and with a taco bar across from our room! What more can we ask for?! The location was also perfect because we were able to get to the downtown area by golf cart within 15 min. Hotspots and Secret Beach was also easily accessible. We definitely do not regret staying there, the hosts were amazing, hands down the best Airbnb we’ve ever had!

Our first adventure was Secret Beach. It was about 20-30 min north of where we were. The view getting there was serene, bumpy, but serene. (Many potholes and speed bumps). When we arrived, we were greeted by one of the friendliest people on earth, Belizean bartenders. They were so relaxed and easy going. We hung out on lawn chairs and treated ourselves to [many] Pina Coladas and ceviche. It was one of the best beach days I’ve had in a while. We have pictures to prove it haha.

Our next adventure was cave tubing and zip lining. We were able to schedule cave tubing with an excursion company by the name of Inland & Sea Adventures. They made sure we had a tour we would never forget. They hooked us up with the most knowledgable tour guide around, Mr.Brown. He was very insightful about Belize’s history and archeological discoveries. First, he took us to the Mayan ruins, Altun Ha. We learned the brief history of the Mayan civilizations and other interesting facts. Afterwards, we made our way to zip-lining. This was my first time zip-lining and it was an unforgettable adventure. Not just the zip-lining component but the fact that was able to experience that through the rainforest of Belize, it was extraordinary!

Lastly, we went walked through the rainforest to make our way to Cave tubing. The rainforest was beautiful but a little scary to go through. I couldn’t shake the thought that, literally anything could pop out. Fortunately, well, also unfortunately the only things we encountered were a shit-ton of mosquitoes. When we decided to do cave tubing I thought “oh that’s fine, this should be relaxing”. On the contrary, relaxing was impossible for me when we were going inside of a cave, that was pitch black and not knowing when we’ll see sun again. That whole experience was anxiety inducing. I wish I was able to enjoy it more but my nyctophobia and claustrophobia got the best of me. In hindsight, there was nothing to be afraid of but you couldn’t tell me that during the ride. I stuck it out like a champ but that was definitely my least favorite adventure.


Belize being full of different cultures naturally means different cuisine. We ate Mexican inspired food to Caribbean inspired food. My favorite restaurant hands down was at Splash Resturant & Bar. It’s located in the same vicinity as the excursions. It was by far the best meal we had in Belize. It was Belizean food for one, and it was perfectly seasoned and portioned. I still think about that meal til this day. Other places we went to was in San Pedro such as Elvi’s, The Dive Bar, and PUR. We weren’t disappointed with he food in Belize and they were all reasonably priced.


Belize was a great honeymoon destination, with the beach, food, and outdoor sports. It’s definitely a go-to place for couples looking for a relaxing time. Things can get expensive if you’re not wise with daily spendings. I would also recommend putting aside money for golf cart rentals. We thought we wouldn’t need to use them much but it turns out it’s really hard to get to point A and B under such heat without one. I would also recommend bringing bug spray, seriously. Even those who “don’t typically get bit by mosquitoes”, will get bite by mosquitoes. They’re savages. Nonetheless, after months of wedding planning and dealing with other wedding related stressors, Belize was the ideal getaway for us. Til next time Belize.