Spirited Wanderer: Seattle, WA / by Jessica Ballerstein



Like most people I have a bucket list of places I would like to visit. Most of my potential travel destinations are international due to my curiosity of other nations & cultures. Of course, there are many unique cities in America but it never crossed my mind to go to Washington. My friend Dash and I decided to plan a girls trip around my birthday. We were both pretty indecisive on where to go. Not because we were too picky, its because we weren't picky. The conversation went like this...

Me: Where do you want to go?

Dash: Idk where do you wanna go?

Me: Wherever you wanna go!

Dash: It's for your birthday! You decide!

Me: Well it's our trip! You decide! I'll be ok with whatever!

It was like we were a couple trying to decide where to go for dinner. Our solution was to look at a map and see where would we like to visit. It was down to two choices, Colorado, or Washington. We decided to go with Seattle based on our research about the city. We're both into artsy, earthy, bohemian-ish things and Seattle is known for all that and more. We booked our tickets in early January for late April. The ticket prices were reasonable in our opinion.  For a long weekend, we spent about $250 for the flight, roundtrip.  For accommodations, we used a website called couchcurfing.com. For those who are not familiar with Couchsurfing. It's a home sharing system where you let a person crash on your couch, air mattress, for free! In return, the guest either make you dinner, take you out for dinner, or buys a gift. Thankfully a couple weeks before our trip we found someone that was willing to host us! 

Upon arrival, we can smell the weed from the airport. JUST KIDDING! We only smelled it in the cab. When we got to Walkers place (our host) we smiled from cheek to cheek! Everything about his place and the location was on POINT! He had records upon records, novelties upon novelties. He was the most laid-back host we have ever encountered or ever will for that matter. He gave us ample amount of information on how to get around and where the local hotspots are located.

Walker's Porch 04.26.15

Walker's Porch 04.26.15

With our luck, the first morning at Walkers, we were greeted by Mt.Rainer in the distance. I was blown away by the view from the porch, completely forgetting about the possibility of seeing her! After being mesmerized by the majestic mountain we went out for breakfast. We went to this dope cafe on Capitol Hill called Oddfellows. It had such a cozy, rustic, European vibe to it and I loved every bit of it. I tried their Beignet with Jam and it was just heavenly. Afterward, Dash and I visited the record store across the street where I was able to grab one of my favorite Albums by Kanye (The College Drop Out).

Everyday Music, Seattle, WA 04.26.15

Everyday Music, Seattle, WA 04.26.15

We then kept walking and exploring Downtown Seattle, allowing us to tap into what it's like being a Seattlite. Everyone we encountered was so chill and laid back. Dash and I are so used to the go-go-go mentality, we were literally the only two walking fast like we had a crisis to attend. Everyone else was taking their time, smelling the roses and ganja. It was just a soothing experience. After doing some exploring we made our way back to Walkers to get ready for the Soccer game he had set up for us. CenturyLink Stadium was less than a 10-minute walk from our place. Although soccer isn't one of my favorite sports, the game was really fun and exciting to watch. Seeing long time rivals go at each other, how the fans have their own ritual and traditions was very interesting. 

CenturyLink Field, Seattle, WA 04.26.15

CenturyLink Field, Seattle, WA 04.26.15

The next day, the first thing we checked out was a restaurant called IL Corvo that's only open for lunch time in Pioneer Square. This place is a local hotspot known amongst the Seattlites for their delicious Italian dishes, especially the squid ink pasta. Unfortunately, the day we went they weren't serving the famous dish so I settled for the Fusilli. After the first bite, I wanted to order another bowl! It was the kind of food I can eat every day and never get tired of it. I would get tired of the weight gain that came with it but not the food itself. The atmosphere was very bright and mellow, the staff was super friendly and humorous. 



We then walked towards the notorious Pike Place market where we got to see the gum wall on the way there. Checked out local shops and boutiques. Took a picture of the first Starbucks cause we definitely weren't gonna wait on that line for coffee we don't drink. After hanging out for a bit at Pike Place, we started making our way towards the Space Needle.Seeing the space needle was one of those things where we were like "oh the space needle..........................ok so what's next". I mean don't get me wrong, it was huge and cool but it wasn't a major highlight.




However one of our highlights was minutes away which was Chihuly Garden & Glass museum. The artwork was phenomenal! There was so many extravagant & impressive glass art. My favorite was the centerpiece called the Glass House. I loved the vibrancy of the colors and unparallel pieces above us. 

After exploring the Chihuly Garden we met up with Walker and treated him to dinner and drinks at Nacho Barracho. A very colorful Mexican restaurant with awesome drinks and tacos. We concluded our trip with a very laid back time exploring more of Seattle. By the time the trip was over my calves were so sore! Not only cause we did a lot of walking but the hills in Seatle are no joke! I know in the past I've said San Diego had some steep hills but Seattle is nothing but hills. Dash and I definitely got a workout from all the inclines and declines, nevertheless, it was all well worth it!

Prior to visiting Seattle, I thought it would be rainy and a bit depressing. Thankfully, it was the complete opposite. My memory of Seattle will forever remain dear and true to my heart for many reasons. 1st reason is my travel companion Dash. If it wasn't for the fact she's so easy going and chill, the trip wouldn't have been half as enjoyable. 2nd reason is our host Walker, who not only was a great host he also directed us on where to go. If it wasn't for his direction we probably would have relied on some random old lady called Martha Yelp's review. This was only a mere summary of the time we had.  I unquestionably recommend going to Seattle for the things I mentioned and SO MUCH MORE!