Read of the Week: I Ain't A Christian No More by Brittney M Walker by Jessica Ballerstein

Christianity says the world must be saved. But it moves through the world like a colonizer, using religious indoctrination. It strips people of their identities and replaces it with dogma and this inevitable association with sin. It speaks of love but alienates through condemnation and fear. This is how I experience Christianity.

While reading this article these words are what stuck out to me the most. As a believer in God, it has been natural or obliged that I believe in Jesus too. Growing up in a strict Pentecostal home I was always taught to believe there is only one true God, Jesus. You couldn't dare question or oppose. Throughout the years Jesus and I have been in an on-off relationship, but God has always remained. To some Christians, the ability to separate the two is impossible because of their strong beliefs that Jesus is God. However, take a second to think its possible to simply just believe in God.

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