Why Am I Like This? / by Jessica Ballerstein

Why am I like this? I promise consistency but yet here I am going on 10 months since I’ve posted. Well, can ya blame me? Ya girl been making moves, making shit happen, and living my best life!

There is a lot to talk about. Imma keep it brief, well, try to…

We Moved!

We’re now Woburn-ers, and I hate it. Don’t get me wrong I love our community and our cozy apartment. However, the town isn’t my cup of tea. I wanna say I’m being bias because I’m a city girl but I’m really not. I’ve lived in other suburbs in other parts of Mass and I was satisfied for the most part. Woburn is definitely on the suburban side. Like the right winged, up your face pro-Trump, conservative kind of suburban side. I didn't think so at first but after 8 months of living here, I slowly came to the realization Woburn isn’t home...bummer.


We love our apartment and how we’ve decorated the place! It’s constantly changing and each decor, plant, picture makes it more us. Although we don’t see Woburn as long term we are still making the best out of little abode.

We Got Married!

Yeah, I’m a Ballerstein now. After 10 months of preparation we had our wedding on September 1st. It was the best wedding I’ve ever attended! I’m not saying this because it was my wedding, I’m saying this because it was literally the best wedding I’ve ever gone. Everything was so smooth and efficiently executed. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day! For starters, my family were the best, they were more than helpful before, during and after the big day. We had our wedding at The Villa and it was amazing! They had everything done by the second. Lastly our DJ, DJ Mott was phenomenal. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was on the dance floor. Either dancing or spectating. With all those things combined including our friends and loved one it led to the most memorable day of our lives.

I’m Back in School

I am still pursuing my career goal in becoming an ASL interpreter. I have never been so sure about a career goal in my life. Although, the road has been rough and full of obstacles its a journey I’m ready and willing to take. It hasn’t been easy this field is all about growth. Growth excites me but it also scares me. Growth to me means I will be making a shit-ton of mistakes, big and small! However, I will learn from those mistakes, then evolve into something and someone better. While on the path to ASL interpreting I am still ensuing my other passions like writing and photography.

All in all life is great! I can’t complain about how things are going with me and my husband. We have a lot to be grateful for. Even though it’s in our nature to want more, I’ve learned that being content is a blessing. It can always be worse, so for that I will always remain humble and be grateful for that we have. Which includes our family, friends, dogs, home, job, and most of all our health.

Whats been going on with you?!