#Goals / by Jessica Ballerstein


Around this time last year, I posted what my goals were for 2017. The top goals were: sticking to my word, documenting, having healthy & productive conversations, Focusing on my journey and not taking things personally. I would like to say yes I met all of those goals but I would be lying. However, I can say throughout the year I was able to make strides and be a better version of me. I was able to think of many instances where I stuck with my word and actually prayed for a person who I promised I would pray for. Documenting things that actually saved me in many situations at work and in my personal life. Whether it was a to-do list or an important email that needed to be sent. I also recalled times I simply redirected a conversation that I knew wasn't healthy nor productive. I am not going to say I've done those things 100% of the time but I can confidently say I've improved enough where I recognized my growth. One thing I can say is that I still need improvement. 

While acknowledging those goals are continuous I also want to focus on a new set of goals I have for myself in 2018. Goals that are not only inward but outward. I not only want to make an impact on my life this year but I also want to make an impact on someone else's.



This year I want to serve more. In the past, I served in some shape or form. Whether it was at church or random volunteer work. Lately, I've noticed I put servitude on the back burner. I've been so consumed with doing other things I forgot that there are people that need me. Not to say I haven't helped anyone in the whole of 2017. What I mean is that I haven't actively gone out there to serve. This year I want to put myself out there and give my time and ability to help someone in need. What makes this goal great is that my fiance is on the same page. We both equally agreed this is something we both want to do as a couple. Give someone or someplace are time and aid in any way we can. 


Anyone who's known me since grade school knows that I love writing. Before my passion for writing came about I was a heavy reader. I remember times in JHS and HS where my nose was stuck in a book. I had stacks of books on my dresser from the library or school. As I got older the less time I had to actually write let alone read. 2017 was the first year in a while I actually read books and had time to finish them. My notable favorites were The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Euphoria by Lily King, and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This year I plan on challenging myself striving to read a book a month; At least 12 books by the end of the year.


I really would like to do more yoga this year. Watching videos after videos of @yogaracheal  has really inspired me to keep doing it. I especially want to be able to finally execute the crow position without falling on my face. Every time I make an attempt it leads to me saying nope nope nope, stick with downward dog. I really hope with consistency I can finally achieve the pose so I can move on to my ultimate goal, a headstand. 



With all that said I will continue to document the process of achieving these goals. As most of you know or should know you can't achieve goals without a plan. My plans are to do research and make time for these goals. Otherwise, they're just dreams. Hopefully, with consistency, they can all be attainable. What are your goals this year and what plans are you making towards them?