|Favorite Characters of January| / by Jessica Ballerstein

Expect NOTHING, Appriciate EVERYTHING...

Based on my Love language profile one of the ways I feel loved is through words of affirmation.   For those who are unfamiliar with 5 Love Languages, it's a book by Gary Chapman that discusses the complexities within a relationship. Whether it's an intimate relationship or a friendship. He states that there are 5 love languages that people express: Words of affirmation, Quality Time, Gift giving, Acts of service & Physical touch. My top 3 love languages are Words of affirmation,  Quality time and Acts of service. Not only it's the ways I feel loved but it's also the ways I show love. (Hence why I am writing this blog about and to my favorite people lol).  It's important to remind myself of those who support, uplift, and inspire me...

Now to be clear this topic will be touched on monthly so don't be jealous, bummed or bitter if you didn't make the cut. You can be jealous bummed and bitter if you're still not on this list years from now...



Rebecca Darius    

My favorite 12 year old turned 18 this past weekend and she's winning in every aspect. Becky is doing well in school, she's graduating high school in June, and she got accepted to two exceptional colleges within weeks. She's beautiful inside out, and her soul is radiant. Becky is the kindest savage I have ever met. Now you're probably wondering "how can one be kind and yet be a savage"? Well, she is. She's a sweetheart that will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want. That's some savagery you won't find just anywhere. Everyone nowadays says things to be liked, hindering growth as a result. 

Becky is young but full of wisdom. There have been many occasions my grown ass has spoken to her about a problem I'm facing. The advice she gives is equivalent to consulting an old woman that has survived many heartbreaks, problems, and wars. There are times I'm left speechless from the statements that come out of her mouth. 


Becky is one of the few people in my family that I trust wholeheartedly. She is also one of the few people in my family that genuinely cares and supports me in every element.  She's a big little sister that God has blessed me with, and for that, I'm forever grateful.

Shout outs to Carol (Becky's mom) for giving birth to her! I know she's proud of the woman you're becoming, I know I am! I don't say it often but love you, Becky! You know I got your back with whatever may come your way. If you didn't know, now you know. 


In the ARTS: 


Rationale is a completely underrated singer I'm completely OBSESSED with! He's a Zimbabwe-born British singer and he is hands down on my top favorite musicians. I fell in love his musical style from his last single Fast Lane. I was in love enamored with that single so much it was listed on my Spotify as the most listened to the song of the month. The combination of beats, melodies, and rhythm goes ridiculously well in his music. 

He recently dropped several other singles and I love each. and. every. one! Prodigal Son was released in November 2016 and it takes me back to the origin of the story. The Bible. In the parable, the Prodigal Son was the son that pretty much demanded his share of his inheritance and left his loving dad to live his life on his own terms. That particular son ran into trouble when all the wealth he had ran out which ultimately resulted in him running back to the father asking for forgiveness. The father took him back with open arms but his other son was filled with hate and jealousy. The other son never "disobeyed" his father and was filled with rage that there was a celebration for the brother who did disobey.  One of the points of the story is to show you're never too far to turn back to those who love you deeply. It also reminds us that we too have been the prodigal son or the son that stayed. Ok, that was my lil bible study with ya'll, now back to the music...

In December he dropped a single called Vessel which is definitely slower and gives more of an  RNB vibe. This song is a song I would listen to while hanging out with babe, not my side. (OBVIOUSLY kidding, I would totally woo my side with this song as well). Oh Hey, Jake! 

You could run away or you could be mine
Travel round the world everyday, everynight
But whatever you are chasing, I'll be waiting here for you
'Cause I got a whole lotta love, whole lotta love for you

Lastly, his recent single got made me an official fan of Rationale! The song is called Reciprocate, and its catchy as hell. I've been singing the chorus walking to the kitchen, in the shower, at work and other random places. It's also one of those songs you dance and exercise with.

Rationale is a win for me this month and I'm sure months to come. He hasn't disappointed me yet with his musical creativity. I sometimes expect the song would be a dub, but each and every song is in my playlists. Thumbs up to you Rationale for winning my whole winter playlist!